'The Cosmic Puppets' Photoshoot is Authoritative

Shinsegae Style's 'The Cosmic Puppets' editorial features Sigrid Agren as she poses within a set of winter-appropriate ensembles. Stylist Anthony Unwin's addition of reflective ski goggles and plush structural jackets to the production allowed Agren to take on a commanding persona, reminiscent of folk tale portrayals of bewitched ice queens.

Legendary photographer Victor Demarchelier captured Agren's commanding state for The Cosmic Puppets. The patterned grey backdrop was all that was needed to make the angular apparel stand out, confirming his ability to convey detail via a minimalist ethic.

Unwin's host of chunky tribal jewelry was also quite arresting. The pieces are often the focus of the pictures as they take up a considerable space within the set.