These Images of 'The Guérewol Festival' were Captured by Terri Gold

Travel photographer Terri Gold captured these intimate photographs during the week-long festival in Niger called The Guérewol Festival. This festival is a courtship ritual that celebrates partnership; men and women of the Wodaabe nomads gather together across the desert as men partake in performances to attract and gain attention from women.

Terri Gold's images reveal the decorative men and women who wear face paint and traditional attire. With temperatures reaching 110 degrees, the tribe members in the images do not reveal any discomfort. The sun caressed the men who wore cloth, embellished belts and feathered headdresses and proceeded to dance, sing and compete until the women approached and picked their partners.

The beautifully painted faces, intricate hand designs and unique outfits paired with the camels and donkeys create an entirely diverse atmosphere.