The Ten Magazine #43 Heinen and Laguna Photoshoot is Mischievous

 - Jun 12, 2012
Ten Magazine's 'Chanel' photoshoot features Latvian model Ieva Laguna alongside Netherlands model Bregje Heinen. The duo are known for their dainty and notably soft appeal, bringing about their collaborations with Victoria's Secret and Harper's Bazaar UK. This production however breaks the graceful mold, displaying the women in the midst of what appears to be a high-stakes heist.

Photographer Cedric Buchet captured Laguna and Heinen in the Chanel editorial. Buchet has done an excellent job of zooming in on the piercing gazes of the women as they peered out the rear view window of the retro vehicle. And though they do possess angelic allures about them, the almost-demonic looks that seem to take over their faces gives away the criminal plot instantly.