Rising Trend In Young Females With Self Confidence

 - Apr 2, 2007
References: nytimes
Think back to high school: There were the party girls, the drama queens, the smarty pants and the jocks. But not anymore. Today's teen girls have a new phenomenon to contend with - The Amazing Girls. And this group of high achievers are not immune to the pressure. It seems that the 'you can do it' mentality has created a generation of girls who do it all... and very well. Creating unbelievably high degrees of pressure and unforetold levels of stress.

And it doesn't just come down to smarts or athletics. These girls are expected to perform and to look good while their doing it. To never miss a step, fall out of line or drop that smile. It's creating a pressure cooker environment that is going to lead for major problems for these girls down the road. But the pressures not letting up...