Stickers and Website Developed by Paranoid Parents

 - Mar 16, 2009
References: safeteendriveronline & kval
Parents in Eugene, Oregon have a solution to unruly teenage drivers. They intend to slap on a big, yellow "How Am I Driving?" sticker like all the truck drivers have. The parents in town were so worried about their teens behavior that they created a" ]website[/url] that allows comments to be sent to the teens parents detailing their bad (or good) actions. A unique ID code on a bumper sticker distinguishes the drivers, and prompts the question, "Am I Driving Safely?" It’s actually a great entrepreneurial idea because there is a yearly $25 fee, with a $10 initial sticker fee.

I can’t help but wonder how this actually would prevent the crazies with road rage, because these teen drivers are usually the ones who will find a way to cover it up when they are out on the town with friends. It makes me feel bad for the good new drivers who are trying to do the best they can, and don’t need the added stress of being tattled on for missing their turning indicator.