The Tapp 2 Filters Water Without Creating Waste

 - Nov 15, 2017
References: indiegogo & digitaltrends
Water filters are a popular way to access clean drinking water without having to purchase water bottles (and thus contribute to the epidemic of wasted plastic bottles), but the Tapp 2 solves one of the biggest problems latent within that proposition.

From the perspective of an eco-conscious consumer, a water filter reduces one's intake of plastic water bottles to virtually zero, replacing it all with water straight from the tap. However, that calculus doesn't take into account the waste created by the water filter itself. While certainly less severe than the amount of waste created by bottles, water filters are indeed plastic waste that will only add to landfills.

The Tapp 2 solves the problem with filters that are themselves fully biodegradable. Each filter lasts about three months, and once it has been spent, consumers can simply toss the filter into their compost bin and let it biodegrade.