Tantra Erotic Boosts Libido

 - Oct 3, 2007
References: top-products.at
I'm not sure what a "lifestyle" drink is, or why I would want to buy a lifestyle in a can, but apparently Tantra Erotic is an energy drink that makes you horny, baby. The website says, "the excellent ingredients make TANTRA unique, and produce its smooth taste and the Tantra feeling. " Mmm, tantralizing!

I scoured their website to learn more about this revolutionary drink. All I learned was that women who look like strippers like to drink Tantra and men like to watch them drinking Tantra. I think it must be a drink especially for women since the men don't actually ingest the product.

Ingredients include ginseng and shizandra to promote circulation. And for you health buffs, it's made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. So guys, go out and buy a four pack for your lady friend. You'll get the Tantra feeling when you watch her drink it!