“How to Woo a Bi'aaatch”

 - Dec 6, 2008
References: amazon
Listen up, single guys: Who are you gonna take advice from on how to get the hot women? Some cutesy little twerp 9-year-old named Alec Greven, or a seasoned veteran named Brian ZooZoo? Right!

So it’s "How to Woo a Bi’aaatch" for your wish list. This 100-page book is guaranteed to get the attention of every bi’aaatch. Alec Greven may have the Mom market cornered with his saccharine little tome "How to Talk to Girls," however, so expect your Aunt Bertha to have that in your Christmas stocking.

If Uncle George is a buddy, he will offset Alec Greven’s cuteness with some meaningful bi’aaatch advice. Greven has padded out his book with mostly girlie line cartoons. Ptooey.