CompareTheMarket.Com Gets On This Articulate Critter's Nerves

 - Jun 24, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: comparethemeerkat & knowyourmeme
CompareTheMarket.Com came up with a genius commercial that has recently been subject of some attention. The company started running advertisements that featured a distinguished meerkat ranting about how the CompareTheMarket.Com website seemed to have people confused with his website entitled, CompareTheMeerkat.Com.

Using graphs and pointers, he explains it all eloquently. Best of all, the website CompareTheMeerkat.Com actually exists.

Implications - The personification of animals definitely makes advertising stand out to consumers, and with the way technology has advanced, it no longer is something that only huge businesses with massive marketing budgets can take advantage of. From the Geiko Gecko to the cereal mascots that have delighted kids for ages, animal spokespersons are definitely a powerfully effective tool.