Jeremy Gutsche on Creating Retail Brand Loyalty

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: youtube
Jeremy Gutsche, founder of, loves the concept of Manufactured Adddiction; Trend Hunter's term for the increased use of social media, personalization and gamification to create brand loyalty. In the last few years, retailers and brands were grabbing our attention in social media. This year, it's about taking that to the next level through more addictive experiences, including social media apps that even suggest special deals when you're near your favourite store. As well, the concept of loyalty programs are becoming intensified with social media apps that reward you for your affection to a brand.... In some ways, it is about creating gamified love for a brand while making tailored shopping experiences.

Gutsche, author of Exploiting Chaos, shares his predictions on how customers and retailers of the future will communicate and interact, as well as his first business idea in this Trend Hunter interview. His first entrepreneurial endeavor was a store called Jeremy’s Junk.

Gutsche is the founder and CEO of Trend Hunter, a company which he started in 2006 to help businesses find better ideas, faster. He has always been an entrepreneur at heart, and is now thrilled to help others find the next big thing.