The Szymon Fraszczyk by Bartosz Wojciechowski Editorial is Sinister

AMQ Models face Szymon Fraszczyk stars in this sinister image series by photographer Bartosz Wojciechowski. Whether posing with blood-covered hook weaponry or playing with fire, the model transforms into an eerie character that is nothing short of terrifying.

Wardrobe stylist Mariusz Branski dresses Szymon in a vintage-inspired wardrobe of basic tanks and tees that are showcased alongside a mix of collared shirt garments and distressed denim jackets.

Channeling a dangerous role, Szymon Fraszczyk transforms from model to criminal as he poses in candidly morbid photographs that are both frightening and visually suspenseful. The model burns a book, grips an axe and swings a sharp hook while catching the gaze of the camera's lens in this striking yet incredibly scary editorial image series.