JarGone Uses Technology to Keep Things Professional, Respectful & Even Fun

 - Apr 26, 2018
References: kickstarter
Swear jars have been around for quite some time for the purpose of moderating an antagonist-free environment. With recent developments in technology, these DIY home assistants become a little bit smarter. JarGone is a speech recognition device that is paired with a mobile application. Users can 'flag' words that they deem inappropriate for the context of the home, the classroom or the workplace. If a trigger word is used, JarGone lights up bright red and sets off an audible alarm. One could tap the device in order to stop the alarm or let it time out in a few minutes.

These smart swear jars can be used to ensure a swear-free environment for kids and can be even utilized as a fun drinking game, where everytime you slip up, you have to take a sip of your beverage.