Martin Eder Creates Bizarrely Erotic Artworks with Animals and Women

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: martineder & beautifuldecay
The surreal cat paintings of Martin Eder would make anyone feel uncomfortable. It brings adorable furry cats, and a few other animals, into a seedy world filled with naked women and stormy backdrops. Although this innocent kittens manage to maintain their innocence throughout the dark imagery, their giant presence it hard not to miss.

Provocative and bizarre, the surreal cat paintings could easily be chocked up to some strange fetish. Yet the artist states, "I’m painting things that are absolutely ordinary, like a naked human or a house pet. Where’s the problem? What’s provocative about these things? If I were painting a bunch of hanged people, people wouldn’t be interested. But a pet, yes a pet, is apparently provocative."