All Trends Now Feature Top 10 By Default

 - Apr 9, 2008
References: trendhunter
Trend Hunters: By now, most of you have seen that on each Trend Page, readers can dynamically cycle through HOT trends, RANDOM trends, or TOP LISTs. This happens without the page reloading, which means it is very fast and more likely to generate traffic.

The news is that I have changed the default featured trends to be the Top 10 (by traffic) for the day. Here's why:

1) The previous featured trends were becoming static, in that people were not clicking them.

2) Although the featured trends were in the same categories, they were typically unrelated (largely because trends cross multiple categories and some categories are very large).

3) Users are potentially more likely to cycle through the top 10, thus generating more traffic.

Here's the kicker: Getting into the top 10 is now more important than ever! The Top 10 will now be exposed to 80,000+ page views per day. Bu-yah!

So what can you do to get into the top 10?

1) Find cool stuff.

2) Add a relevant video and gallery

3) Make your title as snappy as possible, using our, “Trend - Description Format.”

Good luck!