The Stylelikeu Tasha Beltran & Celia Smith Video Peeks Into Their Closet

 - May 11, 2010
References: stylelikeu
The Stylelikeu Tasha Beltran and Celia Smith video gives voyeurs a peep into the closets of the Bronx-raised sisters. Stylelikeu is a blog that posts interview videos of the inspiring closets of an eclectic array of fashion muses.

Pink-haired Tasha Beltran’s look has an "I don’t give a damn" attitude, tricked up with Doc Marten combat boots and black nail polish. However, don’t let her get up fool you, because Beltran says, "Even though I don’t look shy, I am more reserved. It’s so backwards with my hair."

On the other hand, the more ladylike looking Smith is inspired by church attire and the hand-me-down pieces her mother gave her. "My mom just told us how to get down with the dressing," says Smith. What sets this pair apart is Beltran’s focus on more masculine aesthetics and Smith’s more feminine mystique.