Airbnb's Stop Motion Vine Video Was Directed on Twitter

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: twitter & gizmodo
Less than a month ago, Airbrb set out to crowdsource a short film entirely on social media, that was directed on Twitter and stitched together with the stop-motion Vine clips that users submitted.

The film project is complete and has been uploaded to YouTube. Because it was shot on Vine, the film only fills a small square portion of the video player, which leaves an artistic amount of white space around the film.

The crowdsourced Vine film follows the journey of a piece of paper across the world as it is folded into a paper plane, origami crane, envelope, crumpled into a paper ball, recycled and then reincarnated. Even though the six-second clips were submitted by many different users, they are pieced together astonishingly well and make a stunning short story.