This Massive Statue in Tuscany Has Hidden Rooms Inside of It

Villa Demidoff is a public park that houses 'Appennino,' a massive mountainous statue in Tuscany. The structure was erected in 1500 by Italian sculptor Giambologna to symbolize Italy's rugged Appenine mountains. The statue is extremely lifelike and detailed, which has only given Appenino more character as time goes by. Despite its age, the statue remains in good shape and stands 35 feet in the air.

Appennino's left hand reveals a stream of water that is collected by a nearby river. It is unsure whether its original purpose was to have hidden rooms within the statue, but many of those visiting have explored into all of the statue's nooks and crannies. These cave-like rooms are hidden grottos within the sculpture that gives even more reasons for tourists in Tuscany to check out this park.