The Spikeboard Combines Nordic Skiing with Longboard Skateboarding

 - Nov 26, 2013
References: spikeboarding & gizmag
Longboard skateboarding and Nordic skiing have been combined to create the SpikeBoard. The SpikeBoard is a new type of skateboard designed to give you an intense workout thanks to the incorporation of a long spike that you drive into the ground. The idea is that you use the spike and your foot to propel yourself forward. The makers promise an intense workout that hits all muscle groups.

The SpikeBoard is designed specifically for use with the spike, but a normal longboard can be used as well. The SpikeBoard itself is modified for the unique movement associated with kicking and spiking at the same time and includes a cover that keeps riders from hitting the wheels when switching feet. The pole is made of carbon fiber, weighing only 19 ounces, and comes in a variety of sizes. The spike itself has a base price of $270, and the entire package (board and spike) can be had for $650.