Hama-House Makes Beautiful Speed Sketches of Japanese Citizens

 - Feb 16, 2014
References: instagram & spoon-tamago
Tokyo-based illustrator Hama-House creates intriguing speed sketches of Japanese citizens as his pastime, when not doing work for TV and magazines.

Hama-House ignores the typical practice of constantly taking photographs of the world around him with his cell phone, in order to use what is arguably a more personal medium. Whereas photographs only capture what is there, Hama-House speed sketches are just as much about the people he is sketching as they are about himself. Through sketching, Hama-House highlights what qualities of the subject he deems to be important and in doing so we get a filtered image of his subjects.

Hama-House's speed sketches are indeed beautiful, however they have made me a little paranoid that someone might be sketching me the next time I'm out and about and see someone with a pen and paper.