Decio Lourenco Sets Off Speed Camera at 110 km on a Skateboard

 - Feb 12, 2013
References: telegraph & kotaku
If you get energized when viewing the extreme, then this video of a daredevil setting off a speed camera on a skateboard will get your adrenaline pumping.

The daredevil in question here is Decio Lourenco, a skater out of South Africa who went so fast on his longboard down a busy Cape Town street that he not only set off a speed camera, but achieved a speed of 110 km/h. If you’re wondering what the speed limit there is, it’s a mere 60 km/h, meaning that if he went that speed in his car, he’d be looking at losing his license. In fact, South African authorities are on record saying that they’re looking to prosecute for the dangerous stunt.

The video was achieved by having one of Lourenco’s friends drive a car with a camera mounted on the bumper follow the skater down the road.