This Speech on Innovation by Jeremy Gutsche Overviews a Key Pattern

 - Mar 30, 2015
References: betterandfaster & youtube
Redirection is the focus of the latest speech on innovation by Jeremy Gutsche in a series of mini videos that focus on the six key patterns of opportunity featured in Gutsche's New York Times bestseller business book, 'Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas.'

Redirecting the crowd is one of the key shortcuts Gutsche advises entrepreneurs use to uncover breakthrough ideas. In this short innovation keynote video, Gutsche dives into an Amsterdam-based company Waternet's ability to tackle a city health hazard by redirecting the momentum into a gamified experience. Rather than trying to stop an existing ritual, pivoting or working alongside that force is one way to harness new opportunity.

1. What big forces or rituals could you RECHANNEL?
2. Where could you OVER-DELIVER to delight your customer?

Find out how you can use redirection to spot new ideas by picking up a copy of Better and Faster HERE and watch more keynote innovation videos HERE.