Sony Bridges the Gap Between PC and TV

 - Jan 13, 2007
The Sony VAIO TP1 is hot computer that you might mistake for a Mac... until you turn it on! The TP1 comes with a TV tuner and a 300 GB hard drive, so you can record your favorite shows and burn them onto the DVD writer. In short, it's like a TiVo, only better. The Sony VAIO TP1 comes bundled with Vista, a T5600 Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM and lots of extras.

More from Sony:
Sony intends to bridge the gap between the PC and TV with its VAIO® TP1 Living Room computer. A new approach to the home PC design, the unit's round, white chassis marries the power of the PC with the TV in a style to compliment any home.

The console's small spherical shape is designed to fit next to an LCD TV, providing endless entertainment possibilities. It can record, pause and rewind live TV- including over-the-air high-definition and standard-definition programming- for on-demand playback. It can also access Internet television shows and other videos on the Web.

Engineered to be easy to use, the unit connects to a high-definition television via an included HDMIâ„¢ cable, delivering digital video and multi-channel audio to the TV through a single cable.