11 Solar Cell Phone Technologies

 - Aug 2, 2008
References: trendhunter
As consumers gain a heightened sense of responsibility for the environment, they're seeking out innovative energy alternatives to power their electronics, and that includes the ultimate must-have gadget, their cell phones.

As fellow Trend Hunter, Ayman, recently showed us, there are a range of kinetic energy innovations out there too.

Motorola may have patented solar cells underneath LCD screens, but Apple is working on a patent of their own; however, that hasn't stopped any other cell phone manufacturers or freelance inventors from designing new technologies to power our phones by the sun.

The gallery below features everything from solar-powered Bluetooth headsets to cell phone charms that regain their juice under the sun.

For even more solar innovations, there's a cluster of 100 solar-powered devices that make for a fun browse with your morning coffee.