Asiatic, Melungeon and Nuyorican

 - May 21, 2007
References: post-gazette
In an age of mash-ups why would one's race be any different? Society today is made up of multi-racial folks - diversity is the wordof the day - and now we've got the lingo to address just about any mix you can think of. Black + Asian becomes 'Blasian', Hawaiin blood mixed with another race is sometimes referred to as 'Hapa', as Filipino mixed with another race, can be called 'Mestiso'. It's all very interesting and confusing making it that much easier to make a major 'faux pas' if you accidentally use the wrong terminology. Not to mention controversial - when Tiger Woods called himself 'Cablanasian' he created quite a ruckus in the black community. In the end, no matter term you decide to use, it doesn't change the fact that we're all just people. Maybe too much attention is being given to what we are on the outside and not enough to who we are inside.