The Smack Trigon Camera is itself Beautiful to Behold

 - Jan 21, 2013
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Photographers will see beauty in the more functional aspects of a camera, such as in the look of their intricately assembled lenses and in the ergonomics of the device. The Smäck Trigon Camera has another feature that can be appreciated nearly purely for aesthetics. This is its geometric texture of triangles.

The surface of the point-and-shoot is dimpled with the crisscrossing of raised edges of these shapes and the indentations of sunken ones. Such a dynamic treatment of the plastic material is applied to the sides of the gadget and even the dials on top. The effect is visually intriguing initially but, in use, one would find that it bears a practical element as well. Mårten Andersson's Smäck Trigon Camera is consequently quite easy to grip.