Skully P1 Provides Biker with Projected Information on Visor

 - Dec 8, 2014
References: skullyhelmets & 30npire
The future of motorcycling is here thanks to the Skully P1 helmet. While many companies are constantly trying to make the motorcycles themselves the thing of the future, insert picture of TRON's Lightcycle, other brands are looking to the accessories that make the ride safer and more informative. The Skully P1 helmet does both.

Conceived by CEO Marcus Weller after he was in an accident, the Skully P1 helmet boasts a Synapse Heads Up Display (HUD) that essentially projects inforamtion onto the visor. Not only will the biker be able to access navigation maps and smartphone features, the Skully P1 helmet provides him or her with a 180 degree rear facing camera that gives the rider a view of what is in their blind spots.