This Robotic Facial Uses Photon Photodynamics for Anti-Aging

 - Jul 30, 2014
References: amazon & bookofjoe
There are some very bizarre beauty treatments out there and the skin rejuvenation therapy mask can easily fit into that nice category. Although it doesn't involve any slugs or fire, thank goodness, the look of the facial treatment is still quite strange. It wraps around the face rigidly to give the person a robotic look, if only temporarily.

Once the skin rejuvenation therapy mask is securely in place, it emits four colors via LED lights that help a number of issues. Red is used to reduce wrinkles while promoting collagen production and anti-aging in general. Blue addresses acne, freckles and chloasma. Yellow is for skin rejuvenation and whitening. And lastly white is for both skin and teeth whitening. Together they help improve looks drastically.