- Dec 29, 2007
References: ski-mojo & guardian
"This is the ground breaking innovation that will revoluntionize the sport and could change the way you ski forever," Ski-mojo said.

Boomers, those aged 45-60, belonged to those responsible for the huge popularity of snow skiing and launched demand for unprecedented growth in resorts and equipment.

The question now has become, how do companies maintain their interest and involvement now that they may be more risk adverse and/or are beginning to loose stamina? The answer seems to be in using technology to make it easier for them to ski better, safer, and longer.

The Ski-mojo is a breakthrough design that fits under clothing to provide support and help skiers hold a tuck without leaving their thighs burning. It acts as a shock absorber for legs to enable wearers to ski all day.

Surely for many who hear the word "mojo", Austin Powers comes to mind. The term actually comes from ancient folklore, however, and is a magic charm worn underneath clothing to give the wearer special powers.