Simple Pickup Win Over Women With Ridiculous Pickup Lines

 - May 12, 2011
References: facebook & spikednation
Simple Pickup proves it's not what you say to a girl, it's how you say it. With their Internet Trolls Pickup Girls video, the trio once again clowns around while finding chicks who want to get down.

Simple Pickup is comprised of a team of three guys: Jason, Jesse and Kong, who go out of their way to use the most outrageous pickup lines imaginable and candidly film the resulting interactions between themselves and complete strangers. In this particular video, Simple Pickup works in as many popular internet memes for the enjoyment of their YouTube viewers while getting a few numbers in the process. Other noteworthy Simple Pickup videos include one where they must work the word "penis" into their conversations and another in which they dress like complete clowns.

There's nothing quite like a girl revealing personal information about herself only to hear back "Cool story bro. Tell it again."