This App Enables Ship Owners to Comply With Energy Efficiency Laws

The international testing and certification agency Bureau Veritas has released an innovative new smartphone shipping app that is designed to make it easier than ever for people engaging in large-scale shipping operations to ensure that they are complying with energy efficiency regulations in their jurisdiction.

Dubbed 'My Fuel Consumption,' this shipping app makes it possible for ship owners to go ahead and enter in all data that pertains to the so-called Ship Energy Efficient Management Plans protocol, allowing relevant authorities to have this information on hand. What's more, users can also go about checking the status of their applications and reviews, and even download key documents such as statements of compliance.

International shipping is a complicated endeavor at the best of times, but one that is set to be made a little easier thanks to the introduction of this streamlined app that helps ship owners get compliance processes out of the way with minimal fuss.