Shelby Walsh in Marketing Mag

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: marketingmag
In order to offer temporary relief to adults who feel overworked, stressed or simply bogged down with adult responsibilities, brands are creating experiences that appeal to the inner child in everyone. This is a pattern that's been identified by Trend Hunter's research experts as Grown-Up Playtime.

In her latest column for Marketing Magazine, Trend Hunter President Shelby Walsh shares a few examples on this theme from brands that are leading the way with campaigns and activations that make adults feel like kids again. This includes stunts from major brands like Lipton, IKEA and Adidas, which involved the creation of urban water slides, ball pits or interior spaces styled like huge coloring books.

Marketing to Your Consumer's Inner Child

Recalling a time of fewer responsibilities and a more carefree mindset, today’s adults are looking for escapism from the ever-connected working world. They want to enjoy something more visceral, surreal and surprising, so a little "grown-up playtime" is just what the doctor ordered. Many brands are helping provide that break from reality with experiential marketing that transports adults back to their youth and puts their stress in the backseat.

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