Shelby Walsh in Marketing Magazine

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: marketingmag
As a generation born with mobile devices in hand, digital natives are accustomed to being surrounded by a constant supply of things to see and share. While other generations might find this kind of stimulation overwhelming, these young consumers desire to always be part of the action—this is better described with a term called "FOMO," or the fear of missing out.

In order to engage with this demographic authentically, brands are capitalizing on a fear of missing out with campaigns that play on the ephemeral nature of social media platforms. In general, these kinds of campaigns tend to incite immediate action from a consumer.

Winning with FOMO

Many brands are playing up FOMO using 'momentary marketing.' Snapchat is one social network that’s the obvious choice when it comes to promoting a sense of urgency within consumers. Organizations ranging from spirit companies to human rights groups have taken advantage of this unique platform. Snapchat is the ultimate network of impermanence.

Since Snapchat photos disappear after a few seconds, Jagermeister in Prague wanted to incorporate the fleeting nature of this social network to give consumers hints about an epic party the brand was throwing. They called this 'Undercover Games' and began posting hints about what the party would entail, which attracted over 1,000 consumers to a local event and thousands of interactions online.

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