Shelby Walsh in The Globe and Mail

 - May 13, 2016
References: theglobeandmail
As baby boomers continue to retire in droves, companies are eagerly looking for creative ways to attract and retain millennial employees. In her latest column for The Globe and Mail, Trend Hunter President Shelby Walsh shares a few examples of how companies are engaging millennials.

As companies such as Burger King and Deutsche Bahn demonstrate, one of the unique ways businesses are attracting younger workers is by making the onboarding process more fun and engaging. This includes everything from celebrity training videos to workshops conducted in virtual reality. Once hired, companies are also using strategies such as gamification and interactive development programs to keep millennials happy and fulfilled at work.

Training Videos with Snoop Dogg and Other Ways to Capture Millennial Employees' Attention

Millennials thrive on digital platforms and love instant gratification, which is why British cloud provider Memset has created a cloud-based "game" that allows employees to complete challenges to get virtual rewards. Canadian cosmetics company Lush uses this tool to train employees on new products in a story-based style that integrates quizzes. Their digital program is called "Lush Quests," and allows "several hundred employees to download and play simultaneously," according to Surrey Research Park. Employees can play it nearly anywhere, because it’s compatible with nearly every device. Platforms like this are popping up as a response to shifting values as millennials begin to dominate the workforce.

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