Sexy Sarah Palin Dominates New Obama & McCain Videos

 - Sep 3, 2008
References: trendhunter
As Hurricane Hanna, Hurricane Gustav, and Sarah Palin's family (mainly Bristol Palin and her faux beau Levi Johnston), have dominated headlines the last few days, it seems Barack Obama and John McCain have almost fallen out of the center stage spotlight.

Mind you, it's hard to compete with hot Sarah Palin photos, but the senators were ready to reclaim their spots in the public eye today.

Obama and McCain both launched new campaign videos, but neither is any competition for intriguing the public as photos of Sarah Palin.

While McCain emphasized Obama's plan to increase spending my obscene amounts, Obama compares McCain to George Bush and reminds people that McCain will give them "more of the same." Same old, same old... unless of course sexy Sarah Palin becomes VP.

Check out Obama's Video on McCain above.

And McCain's ripping on Obama: