The September 2014 Interview Russia Salem Photoshoot is Maternal

A motherly feel abounds the September 2014 Interview Russia editorial featuring actresses Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart. Photography duo Driu and Tiago captured the two women as Binhoche held Stewart, imbuing each shot with a maternal appeal that is seldom seen in the fashion world.

In spite of the kinship elements at play in these images, stylist Omaima Salem made the set appear sultry and striking. In the shots, Stewart wore a leather wrap coat belted at the waist, chunky plastic platforms and a tube dress. At the same time, Binoche sported low-cut tops, metallic straps and off the shoulder pieces.

Make up experts Emma Kotch and Celine Planchenault played up on the voluptuous set with smokey eye shadow and pale shimmer.