Sicko Fetish Becomes Big Business

 - Mar 7, 2007
References: usedpantyportal
Are you looking to make some extra money? How about earning profits from used products whose re-sell value is more than the original purchase price? Well look no further than The Used Panty Portal for a lucrative income source. It's actually big business on the Net. They have a huge member database and even have several stores on Linden's Second Life Online Community. What with the Internet making perversion practically mainstream, it's turned the tables on anyone who doesn't have some sort of fetish or perversion in their online closet. Sites like this one have zeroed in on a veritable no-brainer cash cow whose sole product requires no manufacturing, marketing or storage space. If it sounds like I'm in favor of this trend, I suppose I am. After all, what were you gonna do with your nasty, used gitch anyways? Might as well get paid for your tracked-up Wal-Mart nasties.