Seitz 160-Megapixel Camera

 - Sep 22, 2006
References: & techeblog
The new Sietz camera boasts 160 megapixels. That's actually really scary. It means some dude on the corner of the building can take a picture of the street, and later search through it to see that you were picking your nose.

The camera also has many of the other features you'd expect of a $32,000 camera, including a 1/20,000th shutter, 300MB/second read-out, and a ISO 500-10,000 range. It goes on sale in 2007.

Key features Seitz D3 digital scan back
- Very high speed and resolution: 300 MB raw data per second!
- Special imaging sensor developed by DALSA Corporation exclusively for Seitz for photography applications
- Very high sensitivity and broad ISO/ASA range (equivalent): 500 - 10'000
- Very high image quality thanks to 48-bit colour depth, low noise, high dynamic range, DALSA anti-blooming feature, Seitz image optimisation algorythms, freedom to use own raw-conversion workflow
- Possibility to freely interchange Seitz D3 digital scan back between Seitz 6x17 camera, new Roundshot D3 panorama camera and - in the future - medium or
large format cameras