This Online Resource Helps Consumers Recycle Scrap Lumber

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: & treehugger
'Reusewood' is a new online resource that helps consumers recycle scrap lumber and other types of wood. Although wood is often touted as a sustainable resource, many consumers are unaware of how to recycle this particular material. This new online tool provides an easy way for consumers to figure out how to put their scrap wood to good use.

Reusewood is a new website launched by the American and Canadian Wood Councils. The website not only explains the difference between each type of wood, but it also explains how the material can be used for future products. Once a consumer has identified what type of wood they have, the site then allows the user to arrange to have someone take the material off their hands.

By salvaging scrap lumber and other types of wood, consumers can ultimately reduce waste and lessen the need to harvest future resources.