'Dwight Schrute' as Lucy Lawless as Xena: Warrior Princess

 - Jun 22, 2008
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The absolutely hilarious Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight Schrute on The Office has done a fun photo shoot with Entertainment Weekly as some of TV's most iconic characters.

Photographed by Art Streiber, Wilson morphs into MacGuyver, Jean Luc Pickard and Paulie Walnuts. My favorite is his take on Xena Warrior Princess.

Rainn says about the Warrior Princess, “I always watched Xena because it was oddly titillating, and I kept wanting to see more cleavage. I wanted it to be Baywatch with swords but it never quite went in that direction.”

He adds to Entertainment Weekly about his transformation, “I look like the chunky girl from Heart: Basically, I look like a ravishing lesbian. Don't you?”

Watch the above video for a fun behind the scenes of the Xena shoot and the ones below for the rest of the videos.

Rainn Wilson as MacGyver

Rainn Wilson meets "The Sopranos"

Rainn Wilson as Jean-Luc Picard

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