Sarah Palin TV Show? + ‘Hot Vice Presidents' Hits 1 Million Views

 - Nov 24, 2008
References: trendhunter
This Palintastic update is to celebrate that our Sarah Palin ‘Hot Vice Presidents’ article officially hit 1,000,000 views AND the blogosphere conversations that there will be a Sarah Palin TV show.

I’m particularly enthused because we were predicting this on Trend Hunter, and also quite hopeful since our collection of Sarah Palin articles drove about 3,000,000 views to the site. 

So what would happen in a Sarah Palin TV show?  I’d like to see a hunting special, and even Huffington Post agrees.  One of their predictions for a Sarah Palin TV show would be, "Northern Exposure—The Next Generation: Picture the iconic opening credit sequence of the beloved 1990s dramedy: as zydeco-esque music plays, a carefree Morty the Moose jaunts along the main strip of a charmingly quirky Alaskan town."

I worry that if a show deal does go down that it will be a political Sarah Palin TV show.  How bad would that be?  What are your best ideas?  Maybe this will help to spark some creativity for our contest with John de Mol:

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If you need to spark some more creativity, check this out:

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