HeroBuilders Sarah Palin Action Figures and Dolls

 - Sep 8, 2008   Updated: Jul 11 2011
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Sarah Palin as an action hero, and her sidekick John McCain are creations of Herobuilder. I am particularly fond of Beach Blanket Obama, just because of the name and the pecs. Not so fond of Customer #9 (remember Eliot Spitzer?) These are limited edition dolls (so they say) and sell for $27.95. Too bad they couldn’t get the legs right. If nothing else, Sarah Palin does have nice legs.

Implications - In the last few years, Hollywood has seen a marked movement towards video game and animated film franchises. One major eason the studios have been doing this is because of the merchandising potential of these properties. Any company seeking to capitalize on this craze would be wise to create action figure replicas of their mascots and advertising representatives. By creating a collectible that is appealing to children and adults, the company stands a good chance of embedding a company creation in the minds (and homes) of consumers.