Camilla Akrans Captures Sean O'Pry On a Dune

The desert is not the first place to come to my mind if I were to choose a location for a photo shoot. I mean, it is either scorching hot or freezing cold. And with a slight wind, the sand can become quite troublesome.

However, photographers seem to be in love with deserts as the location for fashion campaigns and editorials. Perhaps it is the minimal and abstract look of the sand that allows the focus to be all on the model and the clothes.

One such example is this editorial by fantastic photographer Camilla Akrans for the recent Spring/Summer 2008 issue of Numéro Homme magazine.

In the editorial, Akrans captured male model Sean O’Pry on a sand dune. And while I am sure the process must have been rather unpleasant, the resulting images are very artistic and beautiful.