This Samsung Commercial Shows Off the Galaxy S7's Camera

 - May 16, 2016
References: samsung & adweek
This Samsung commercial made by Leo Burnett promotes the Galaxy S7's ability to take low-light pictures clearly. The clever ad uses an idea that just about everyone can relate to -- a child who is afraid of the dark.

The short commercial follows an adorable little girl who cautiously wanders out of her room to go find her parents, afraid that there are monsters somewhere to be found. Magical music plays in the background and she soon finds her mother, who seems to be working on her phone. After the child points out all the dark objects in her room that scare her, her mother used the Galaxy S7 to take pictures of each.

The room is lit with a calming glow from the phone screen, which impressively captures the dark objects with a high-definition clarity. With the images showing everything, the little girl is no longer afraid of what she can't see. The Samsung commercial concludes with the words: "The smartphone camera that's not afraid of the dark."