Milliner Jess Collett Hat Styles Enjoyed by the Royal Set

 - May 2, 2011
References: trouvaillesdujour.blogspot
Jess Collett, a London milliner, was to have one of her hat designs worn by the mother of the bride, Carole Middleton. Unfortunately there was a last minute outfit change by Middleton and the hat made by Collett was no longer needed. As disappointing as this may have been for the talented designer one wouldn't be surprised if there weren't several other attendees wearing one of her designs.

For those who were invited to the wedding there are rules on what is not to be used as decorations on hats. Flowers and feathers are out since the wedding is held in a church but for Collette that just gave her the green light to making bigger hats.

Take a look through the photo gallery at some of the mi some images of the milliner's recent creations, along with a few that were made in collaboration with florist and designer, Ercole Moroni. These stunning wears were made with wood, perspex, and silk flowers.