901 Tequila Presents Rock and Roll Styling

 - Aug 26, 2010
References: trendhunter
Rock'n'roll weddings, pimp hotel suites and music-loving cakes. Today we hunt: ROCKSTAR SELF-EXPRESSIONISM - 901 Tequila presents rock'n'roll styling.

Rock 'n' roll is no longer a subculture, but something that inspires many facets of mainstream innovation. The renewed fascination with the rockstar lifestyle has trickled into industries from fashion to marketing, in which the glamorous life and hard attitude of rock 'n' roll is revived through ripped jeans and studded jackets, and rock-themed accommodations, events and artwork.

10. These are the pads of the most rich and famous names to reach rockstardom. From Ozzy Osbourne to Kanye West and Moby, these spaces scream rock'n'roll lifestyle. Can you spot any groupies hiding under the bed?

9. This pictorial titled, 'Already Famous' features the likes of Vampire Weekend, The Horrors, Chester French and MGMT. Their shaggy 'dos and nonchalant attitudes true are indicators of fame.

8. Everyone knows that red leather pants, animal print jackets and crazy fur coats are staples of every rockstar's wardrobe. This Kate Moss spread for Vogue proves that models know how to rock out just has hard as Tommy Lee does.

7. Mark Beaman's vino is anything but boring and stuffy. His rockstar wines feature some of the most memorable album covers such as Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' and the Rolling Stones' 'Forty Licks.' Even Woodstock is reincarnated as a delightful chardonnay.

6. Brooke Nipar gets gritty and grimy with her unpolished rockstar photography. Shooting musicians from the troubled Amy Winehouse to the soulful Lykke Li, she illuminates a mysteriously captivating side female musicians.

5. Nowadays you don't have to be a musician to be a rockstar, you can be a baker instead! This Guitar Hero Concert Cake is a delicious treat for those who get the munchies while jamming.

4. If you're a budding rockstar, the Obakki Fall 2010 Collection will help you skyrocket onto the top of the pop charts. The style secret of a rocker's attire? Plaid, plaid and more plaid.

3. Want to rock all night and party everyday? There is no better place to do that then in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel's Paradise Tower. Whether you are getting belligerent in the Sex Pistols room or getting artistic inspiration from the Warhol Gorilla room, you're bound to have fun in this hotel.

2. Nothing says badass like leather, studs and spikes. The FOXYMAN Collection includes an array of garments that are shocking and uber avant-garde.

1. Screw hiring a wedding band! This bride and groom made their special day even more memorable by putting on a show in matrimonial attire. Rock on.

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