This Robot Video is an Endearing Look at Robots in the City

 - Feb 23, 2014
References: kuriositas & mightymega
Filmmaker Fernando Livschitz created this engaging robot video that depicts a society where robots live and work right alongside humans. A robot woman walks her robot dog, colorful and strange looking robots stroll through parks and cross streets on pedestrian walkways. There's even a cute robotic marching band coming down the street.

This robot video is an optimistic and endearing look at how technology could possibly develop and how it would blend into everyday human society. The robots are large, small, fast, slow and sometimes a little reckless, as shown by one robot man rolling a big box down a street haphazardly. This video is fun and imaginative and a great piece of whimsical storytelling about the future, reminiscent of the film Wall-E.