The Robot Painting Machine by Benjamin Grosser is Unreal

 - Aug 26, 2011
References: bengrosser & hypebeast
Benjamin Grosser is an American artist who recently completed the building of a Robot Painting Machine. Just as the name of this device suggests, this robotic construction has the ability to create a painting based on the audio cues it receives from a microphone.

The Robot Painting Machine responds to these cues or prompts with according brush strokes onto a canvas. The machine comprises of three different computers connected to a central system that responds to the audio prompts, identifies the paint color and then executes the brush strokes. The video featured here illustrates the expert detail and capacity of the Robot Painting Machine.

Implications - Businesses that create products that substitute the services or work of a human being will appeal to high numbers of today's tech-obsessed consumers. Individuals will likely invest in a product that is capable or replacing their efforts or hard labor.