This Biodegradable Plastics Process is a Way to Reuse Food Waste

 - Nov 21, 2017
References: fullcyclebioplastics & springwise
This way to reuse food waste creates biodegradable plastic. Full Cycle Bioplastics developed a new process that turns organic matter such as food and agricultural waste into bioplastic.

The company's services involve waste hauling and compost facilities, plastic compounding, farming and food processing and bio-refinery operations. The award-winning technology to reuse food waste converts the waste into polyhydroxyalkanoate. PHA is a polymer that occurs naturally and breaks down without hurting the environment. The eco-venture plans to license this procedure so waste producers and handlers including paper mills, landfills and food processors can produce the bioplastics on site and sell them.

This recycling method is one way of dealing with food waste. This is a massive environmental issue as 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste is generated each year.