The RER C Trains by Encore Eux Agency Showcase Regal Decor

Glamorizing commutes, the RER C Trains by Encore Eux Agency are fit for royalty with their castle-inspired motifs.

Compartments of this train are moving replicas of the decadent Versailles castle. These carriages were commissioned to resemble iconic rooms within the historic monarchical monument. The Hall of Mirrors, bedchamber of the Queen in Trianon and even the famed formal gardens are given a railway tribute. The decor is so intricate that it includes a makeshift library of Louis XVI and the Belvedere in Marie-Antoinette’s Estate.

These regal decor updates were commissioned by a collaboration between the Versailles castle and Encore Eux Agency. With such luxe decor, the RER C Trains by Encore Eux Agency boast an appeal for historical buffs and commuters that long for a decadent train ride.