Diamond Shreddies Instead of Square (+ 3 Focus Group Videos)

 - Jun 16, 2008
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In perhaps one of the most successful relaunches of a breakfast cereal, Shreddies have been reinvented with nothing more than a simple rotation.

The traditionally-boring cereal came out with a series of hilarious ads that reinvent the formerly-square product as 'Diamond Shreddies'. The re-launch included a series of commercials, packaging and a new product website.

The product website explains the history of Diamond Shreddies, “Recent advances in cereal technology have allowed us to take Shreddies cereal to a whole new level of geometric superiority. One taste and you'll wonder how you've been so square for so long. Welcome to the 45th degree. Welcome to Diamond Shreddies country.”

This relaunch actually happened at the beginning of the year, but I hadn't realized (until now) that the campaign was based only in Canada.

You know it's a good campaign when you find dozens of people on YouTube create rant videos, including: 'What the f%& is up with Diamond Shreddies,' 'Diamond Shreddies?! WTF!', 'Diamond Shreddies-My Major Concern!', and 'The most stupid Excuse for Money Ever'.

Check out the focus groups:

This guy is the best:

And the ratings are pretty funny too: